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We offer excellence in quality writing and training to suit corporate education needs.


Docu-Train has five levels of expertise available to meet your staffing needs. We can provide you with a project manager to lead a team of writers, a seasoned master writer to prepare all of your documentation, or a writer to supplement existing staff.

WE PRODUCE ALL DOCUMENTATION USING YOUR PREFERRED STYLES AND SOFTWARE.  This gives you the option of maintaining the documentation yourself if updates are made to the application.

Levels of Expertise

Writer's Assistant - Writer's Assistants have computer word processing and desktop publishing skills but only 0 to 1 years of experience in the technical writing field. Word processing professionals are beneficial to senior and master writers for revising PC document files.

Junior Writer - Junior Writers have all the skills of a word processing professional and 1 to 3 years experience in researching and writing computer documentation. Junior writers primarily write end-user documentation and creating graphics.

Senior Writer - Senior Writers have 3 to 5 years experience researching, writing and editing end-user documentation and some experience writing system documentation.

Master Writer - Master Writers have 5 or more years experience researching, writing and editing end-user and system documentation. Master writers also have some experience in software programming. Master writers research and write documentation with little or no need for assistance from other technical personnel.

Project Manager - Project Managers have the experience of the master writer and 1 or more years experience managing a writing team. Project managers prepare time estimates, project schedules, cost analysis and oversee the work of the writing team.