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DOCU-TRAIN is a technical writing and education company which provides managerial, technical and end-user assistance in system development and implementation. We help companies who need to provide their customers and employees with a smooth transition to new technology.              more . . .


  • DOCU-TRAIN provides managerial and technical assistance for preliminary stages of system development.

Phase I: Research

1.  Concept Summary

2.  Feasibility Study

a.  Log of Events/Tasks

b.  Time Study

c.  Process Comparison


d.  Hardware/Software


e.  Cost Analysis

f.   Project Schedule


3.  Proposal

4.  High Level Overview

5.  Business Plan

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  • DOCU-TRAIN documents system design in detail so that plans can be finalized and approved before the development phase.
Phase II: Design

1.  Business Requirements

2.  Functional Overview


3.  Wire Frames

4.  Design Specifications

  • DOCU-TRAIN provides quality assurance testing for system applications.  
Phase III: Testing

1.  Quality Assurance Testing

2.  Test Data

  • Keystroke Efficiency Checks
  • Uniformity Checks
  • User-Friendly Evaluations  

  • DOCU-TRAIN prepares system implementation materials for marketing and end-user education.

Phase IV: Implementation

1.  User Documentation

a.  Reference Manuals

b.  Tutorials

c.  Quick Reference Guides

d.  Keyboard Templates

e.  Help Screens


2.  System Documentation

3.  User Training

a.  Lesson Plans

b.  Training Materials

c.  Training Videos


4.  Marketing Materials

a.  Logos

b.  Brochures

c.  Advertisements

d.  Public Announcements






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